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What's inside ?

An exciting report of all the progress made in STEM over the last month

A short summary of new developments made in our organization 

A list of inquisitive experiments, how-to tutorials, Do-it-Yourself innovations and much more to spark your inner scientist 


 A page that makes information on all our latest articles, community developments, upcoming events and new happenings available at your fingertips 

And this is just the start! Subscribe to get your own copy of STEM filled fun now

Our first edition will release in January 2023!

The newsletters consist of 4 page digital copies that are published at a monthly basis

We have the responsibility to provide you with credible information and our editorial team takes that role very seriously. Physica will never purposefully print misguiding/mistrustful information.


 We respect and value your privacy just as much as you do. This is why we'll never send you any materials without your consent first. You have the choice here. 

Got any questions/suggestions for us? We'd love to hear them here. 

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