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Since the ancient times man has had an insatiable curiosity for the unknown, which perhaps was one of the things that set him apart from other animals. Curiosity is what led us to where we are now because it is an inseparable part of human nature. 

'Science' is just another way of saying you are curious. The beauty it encompasses in its range is marvelous, from the tiniest particle to the unimaginable expanses of the universe. Physics is a part of science, it is dedicated to understanding how our world and the universe behaves and why it does what it does.

Take Off

This platform is a one-stop-place just for your love for physics . Here you can find complex concepts explained in a simple yet effective way which reaches to the mind. A rich and vibrant community awaits to welcome you and with our monthly sessions you can be sure to have a thrill ride.

So put on your thinking caps and dive in !

--- Team of PHYSICA 


Science Museum Space Exploration

Deep in our hearts we love physics because it is a combination of a fantastical world and reality. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not just bulky books, complex calculations and lengthy formulas. It is finding beauty in the working of simple pulleys, it is the urge inside you to find out, it is looking up with awe and wonder at phenomenon and above all it the curiosity that blooms inside our hearts as we gaze into the endless expanse of stars at night. 

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