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PHYSICA is an international youth-led organization, focused on spreading science communication skills to youth. 
PHYSICA gives youth a voice in scientific communication and research. View our work here!

Our vision

Are you a high school student eager to delve into the world of science communication? Look no further than PHYSICA—an animated student-run organization that aims to revolutionize the way we bridge the gap between scientific research and the wider community.

At PHYSICA, we're all about empowering youth to hone their science communication skills. Imagine this: as a writer, you'll have the opportunity to craft engaging articles on inspiring developments in STEM. Our talented graphic designers and illustrators will bring your words to life with stunning visuals. Together, we'll master the art of communicating science in a clear, unbiased manner that engages and informs readers. Accessibility and a lack of bias will be qualities we will take very seriously in scientific writing. Join us to become part of a future, where science is accessible, transparent, and inspiring.

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"It is so simply explained, yet interesting!"

Siddharth, 15, India

"PHYSICA is amazing.......I've always loved physics as a student and this is platform only helps me appreciate it more. Can't wait to see it grow!"

Amy, 17, USA

Physica members all around the world

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